Payment gateways on Magneto Web stores work like the POS terminal at the physical outlets. The efficiency level of the eCommerce website highly depends upon the how much customers are satisfied with the shopping experience. A flawless check-out experience is the prime requirement of any online store. What challenges most eCommerce store owner is to wisely choose the optimum payment gateway. The eCommerce development services offered by professional can help you choose the right gateway.

After thoroughly considering from different aspects we have complied together the list of some useful Magento payment gateway that you can integrate in your online store. Before moving on to that let us understand some important things related to payment gateways.

How Does Payment Gateway Work?

The payment gateway work as the merchant service that allows credit card payment on the online store. These gateway captures the payment request, encrypt the data and send it to the payment processor. The processor than send information for the authorization of the payment. Along with the payment processing, Magento gateways can also build the strong credibility of your online business by delivering seamless experience to the users. Magento Development Services offered by the professionals can be very useful for you.

List of Best Payment Gateway to Integrate on Your E Commerce Store

PayPal: When it comes to the secure payment gateway, PayPal is the topmost choice for everyone. You can register to PayPal account and link it directly with the bank account for the smooth flow of transactions. You can integrate PayPal to your online store. The customers on your website can easily make online purchases using any device or payment mode. Adding to that, the customers can also make purchases using different currencies without being concerned about conversions.

CartaSi: CartaSi in another ideal payment gateway that can be integrated to your online store. It has earned best position in the domain of electronic money. Currently, it has 2 billion transactions are in circulation with 13 million credit cards. One of the best features of this gateway option is that it has refund availability. The store admins have access to set the minimum and maximum numbers of orders. Once the order numbers have reached to that limit, the CartaSi displays new payment method. If you want to integrate this payment gateway then you can consider hiring eCommerce website development company.

Stripe: Another major name is Stripe that has been delivering optimum payment service on the online store. This support payment in multi-currency. The gateway offers excellent features to gain competitive edge. The best feature about Stripe is that, there is no need to pay any kind of extra fee for its integration. Magento website stores only pay the associated prices and that is 2.9% with 0.30 per authorisation for extension. It is one fully-integrated platform that has brought great convenience to eCommerce stores. The subscription payment setup, easy recurring, billing, etc. are some of the important features that delivers seamless checkout experience to the customers.

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