The selection of the right Content Management System is that one important decision that can impact the overall performance of the website. These days Joomla CMS has everything one need for the creation of feature filled and robust website. It is one of the reasons why there is immense demand for the Joomla development services.

From blog to business websites Joomla is the CMS that has been powering so many websites all over the internet. This CMS comes with so many features such as RSS feeds, page caching, Google ReCAPTCHA, composer integration, support for language and much more. Now you must be thinking that “are these the only advantages of Joomla CMS?” That is not true! There is so much more you can do with Joomla CMS. Read this blog post to understand what else Joomla has to offer.

Benefits Offered By Joomla for Development of Business Websites

Open Source Platform

The open-source infrastructure is the prime reason for the popularity of Joomla platform. PHP was the language that was used to create this content management system. The developers all around the world can easily create extension for this platform without any complications. You can hire web development services from the professionals of Qdexi Technology.

Easy Blog Posting

You can easily post blogs even if you do not have much technical knowledge. Your limited knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS will never become an obstacle in this task. You’ll become expert in this once you start doing it. This is more of a copy paste work and that is the only thing you should know about Joomla. For publishing the blog on the Joomla you just have to copy and paste the content. Then click on the publish button and you are done.

Amazing Flexibility

Another thing that makes Joomla a reliable platform is its flexibility. Do you know that Joomla has 8000 extensions? This platform has no limits. So, no matter what you want, everything is possible with Joomla. Whether it is about adding social media widgets, creating feedback section or customizing forms, Joomla offers its extensions for all of them.  With the right web development company you would be able to utilize the potential of this platform.


Joomla is very SEO-friendly. What else do you need? The prime benefit of this CMS is that it creates the Search Engine Friendly URLs. Generally, it is important to create the SEO-friendly URLs for the better SEO rankings. However, this feature has been with Joomla by default since its Joomla 1.6 version. It allows you to choose its own Meta description and Meta keywords for the web pages. This as a result improves the SEO ranking of your website. However, you have to perform basic SEO yourself for the Joomla site.

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There are many other things that make Joomla an ideal option for the creation of business websites. Those who still have any doubts about this can directly consult with the professionals at Qdexi Technology. This leading Joomla Website Development Service provider company has the team of Joomla developers who serves you with their best knowledge and expertise. So, stop waiting and contact them today for the best results!