Using framework for the development of website can be save you a lot of time and efforts. Frameworks provide stability and comes with all the components that are required for web development tasks. But when it comes to the selection of right one, things can take different turn. You have option to choose from thousands of framework. PHP brings you the wide range of quality frameworks, out of which, CakePHP has been gaining a lot of appreciation these days. Even the demand for CakePHP development services is rising regularly.

Now you might be wondering, what is it that makes CakePHP superior among them all? Find out by reading this blog. Here we will share how using CakePHP can be beneficial for building huge scale websites. Let’s get into this!

What You Should Know about CakePHP?

CakePHP is recognized as one of the most prevalent open-source frameworks accessible for the PHP website. Being written in PHP, the framework follows the MVC approach. When it comes to building large scale websites and web applications, CakePHP makes use of distinguished software design models and concepts that include Model View Controller, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller, Convention over contour, and Active Records. CakePHP was created following the notion of “Ruby on Rails”. Since the origin, it has been effectively and efficiently operating on the web development tasks, whether it’s huge or small. Have a look at other important features of CakePHP that makes it a popular framework of PHP.

Why CakePHP is Ideal for Development of Large Scale Websites

MVC Pattern: CakePHP follows this critical model and it helps in data saving and connects queries into database. The model-view-controller pattern of CakePHP helps in updating, reading the model class, deleting, inserting, and view supporting the data representation. The users have access to view the growth of the work on the screen and controller progresses. While developing large scale websites and applications, the logic and presentation should be separated and this becomes easier using MVC models.

Code Reusability: CakePHP allows you to create the codes that are reusable. This means one single code can be used over and over again for the similar functions. It saves a lot of time and effort of developers. There is no need to write codes from the scratch which is one challenging and time-intensive task. This means your website will get ready without any complications. You can also use PHP development services to make the most out of this framework.

Secured and Authorized Platform: Another good thing about CakePHP is that it is authorized under the MIT license that makes it commercially competent. This means your application will be protected with the help of plenty of built-in tools for SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, input validation, and XSS prevention. Due to the ease and effortlessness that it provides in web development and ultimate security, CakePHP has gained a lot of popularity.

Zero Configurations: This framework doesn’t require any sort of configuration. This is because majority of its features are auto-detected. There is no need for the developer to specify the URL of the website and library location. Only database connection settings should be managed.

In a Nutshell : These greatest features associated with CakePHP makes it a much-preferred framework for building large scale websites and web applications.

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