PHP is all set to release its latest 8th version on November 26, 2020.

The announcement of this major version suggests that there will be notable changes, unique features with some exceptional performance enhancements. So, if you have been thinking about using PHP development services then go for it without any second thoughts.

The improvement of PHP 8 will open-ended and it has expedited at this moment because the final release of this version is getting closer every day.

In short, you can expect PHP 8 to be a game-changer in the field of web development. This will bring its share of amazing new features that will transform the web development sphere.

As PHP 8 is almost here, it is time for us to engage ourselves with the most interesting enhancements that can make your PHP website faster and secure.

There are chances that you have to hire web development services from professionals to make improvements in the codes of your existing websites to keep it working on PHP 8. This is because of the shattering advancements.

If you have been consistently updating your PHP website with the new releases then PHP 8 won’t be that hard for you. The majority of these breaking changes were objected to before in the 7th versions. This is the blog that lists all the important features you will be getting with PHP 8 which includes union types, JIT compiler, attributes, and more. Let’s have a look:

New Features of PHP 8 you Should Know About


Union types can be helpful in multiple cases and are a compilation of two or more kinds that can either be used. This will also provide different varieties to be set for the cases taken by a function, as well as for the benefit it delivers. You can hire web development services from professionals to manage the development of your PHP website.


JIT (just-in-time) compiler is another most acclaimed feature of this PHP 8 version. This is the feature that ensures significant improvements in performance. However, these advancements might not be very pronounced in the setting of web requests.

To be more specific, the JIT interprets the major components of the standard code into device code. By neglecting compilation, this can make huge advancements in performance and memory usage. It allows the optimal utilization of PHP.


As an interpreted language, PHP requires an interpreter that can increase the utility of computer resources but it also consumes a lot of time. CPU devices are often constrained.

OPcache is the feature that is specially designed for defeating this concern. This can improve the performance of PHP by enabling it not to load or even take and analyze any request.


Another new OPcache characteristic added to PHP 8 is preloading which allows you to store several scripts in OPcache memory. It occurs before any application code is implemented. This also assists IoT in development. There will be no improvement in performance.

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