Technology has become an essential part of different industries and healthcare is no exception here. The healthcare development has witnessed ever since the concept was introduced. Undoubtedly, the healthcare technology has helped many of us to live a long and healthy life. After watching healthcare mobile application development services and surgical AI solutions, we could definitely say that technology is in the trend now accordingly.

The main concept behind the healthcare development is to build a platform where patients and doctors can interact in the absence of intermediaries. The year 2017 added more to this concept by incorporating like IOT and artificial intelligence. We could say the year brought an evolution in the healthcare industry.

As per the economist, the healthcare market is expected to cover 60 billion by the year 2020. The increasing demand for healthcare services indicates the use of mobile technology in healthcare will continue to grow in the near future. With the ever-changing digital world, healthcare industry aiming to deliver the specific benefits to the patients.

Here is the Quick Overview of Technology Trends in 2018

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence is taking the mobile application to a whole new level and there is no doubt that patients are preferring it due to its features like time availability, cost saving and personal insights. Furthermore, the AI can help patients to cut down medical cost by reducing frequent clinic visits.

According to the survey conducted by Accenture, most of the patients prefer AI-assisted over the traditional approaches. A new generation is moving toward robot-assisted surgeries indicates that 2018 will be a year of technologies like Google Deep mind, IBM Watson, etc.

  • Blockchain and Mobile Healthcare

Blockchain in Healthcare

The blockchain has become another buzzword in the technology field. What makes it popular is its power to bring essential changes in the healthcare sector. With increasing number the healthcare industry is under the continuous pressure to find a reliable solution to the issue. However, This is the main reason behind the short lives of healthcare application.

The introduction of blockchain has eliminated this issue completely. Merged with the best android development services, it allows both new and existing participant to interact with each other without having a pre-existed trust among them. Now, in the blockchain system application, there is no central authority as stored data is distributed.

  • Wearable devices

Wearable Technology in Healthcare Devices

However, There is no doubt that these wearable devices are taking healthcare to a new level as more and more people are investing in the personal health. The hybrid application development services have played a huge role in designing and developing these devices. With such advance devices, users can monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, daily footsteps, and sleeping hours. In case if the heart rate is dropping the user will get an immediate notification. This could save thousands of lives.