When we talk about web development, you might find innumerable platforms for this. As we all know that PHP is one of the oldest and the most trusted programming language. It empowers more than 20 million of the websites available on the internet. This ultimately makes it the first preference of the programmers. The Laravel is one of its frameworks which provide feature-rich options for developing high performing website and applications.

Today, we are going to discuss some details about Laravel, the most prominent framework of PHP. If you are using this framework then you should be aware of the features it as to offer. This blog would enlist some of the essential features that enable seamless application development. However, if you are in search of some reliable company for hiring Laravel development services, then Qdexi technology is the best option for you.

The Great Features of Laravel Framework for Web Development

Artisan: The Laravel also have a command-line interface. The developers can carry-out repetitive manual tasks which cut down the coding time. It enables developers to interact with the framework manually by using the command line. One can easily generate the basic MVC files through command-lines.

Template Engine: Laravel framework has in-built lightweight templates. These templates are very useful for the developers to create dynamic and enticing web portals and applications. It also has various widgets to incorporate CSS and JS which enable developers to create a rigid structure for the applications.

Secure Nature: Using Laravel Framework also adds the extra layer of security to your web application. It has some advanced features which ensure optimal security. No matter what kind of web portal you are developing, security is one of the major concerns. It never saves passwords as the plain text in the database. It also has well-prepared SQL statements which make it more secure. Using this framework of PHP protects the entire development project in all terms.

Modular and libraries: The Laravel is the pre-installed object-oriented libraries which makes it more valuable. The authentication library has tons of updated and useful features. One can easily reset the password, along with that it also protects CSRF and monitors the active users. The developers can efficiently develop user-friendly, robust and responsive websites.

Eloquent ORM (Object-relational mapping): Another great feature of the Laravel framework is that it is equipped with excellent ORM that has simple PHP active record implementation. The developers can address database issues using PHP syntax.

Authentic Authorization Process: Authentication is a critical part of the web application development process. The developers spend plenty of their time for the authentication of the codes. This is the most prominent features of Laravel that it allows the developers to implement the authentication techniques in an optimum manner. There is a simple method to organize the authorization logic. Plus it also controls access to resources.

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