Is it the time to create a new website for your business? Then, you must be thinking about writing a web request for proposal or RFP. An online search can result in yielding a few examples that don’t match your goals or speak for your brand while designing and developing your website. So, you need to write a website RFP from scratch and that is not enough! You need to make sure that the written RFP clearly articulate your needs and generate the right response from the web designers and developer.

But how would you do it? There are two options either you hire professional web designing experts to do it on your behalf or you read the below post.

In this post, we are going to explore the step-by-step process to write an impressive website design RFP that will not only cover your basic goals but also make sure that you convey the right message to your vendor. We will discuss the information you need to mention in the RFP along with pitfall to avoid. So, without wasting any time let’s get into the details: –

Step-By-Step Process for Writing the Website Design RFP

Write a website RFP

  • What are your goals for your website?

It is time to prepare yourself before start working on your new website. Just think like a professional web designing agency– ask what is the most important thing you want your website to do? Provide information? Educate? Or just generate sales leads for your sales team? Answering all these questions will define your top-priority goals. If possible add secondary goals as well.

  • Be honest about your current website

If you currently have a website then you need to properly and honestly evaluate it. Stating that your current website is not good won’t work. You need to be specific about the reasons why it is not working for your business. Do visitors don’t find the information they are looking for? Is it not generating enough traffic for you? But specific about the complaints you often receive from the visitors or customers. This way you will find what web designing strategies you need to adapt to make the desired changes in the new website.

  • Go for the core functions, not optimal features 

Core functionality is what the main element of your RFP. On the basis of the core functions, your web designers and developers decide what they will charge you. It is necessary to be specific about the functions while making the list you are going to send to your designer and developer. The more you will explain the better decision they will make.

  • Keep your aim straight

During the process, you need to keep your eye on the aim which is to make the most out of your new website. An ideal RFP is not that includes the simple outline of the new website but one that includes the honest assessment of the current website outlined what exactly they want from their new website. They eschew the very professional language to explain the details, saving lots of time of both parties.

In the end, those are the step-by-step process to create an effective RFP for your website. For more information, you can visit Qdexi Technology- the number one digital marketing agency in the USA.