Finally hired the SEO company to step higher on the SERPs? Well, it is both improvement and achievement for your business but right before you sit on your comfortable chair and cut a cheque against the SEO invoice, there are certain things you should know about SEO pricing plans.

Now, let me ask a simple question โ€œAre you sure the company or digital marketing agency you have hired knows how to stay on the top?โ€ Or you are just assuming they know about it?

Top Points to Choose Right SEO Company For Your Business


  • Go for the Meta Tags and Descriptions

The first thing you should check before hiring an SEO agency is the meta tags and descriptions on their pages. As these can be counted in as the great signs of the authenticity and ability of the firm. The more targeted the tags and descriptions are the better services they will offer. In nutshell, you can actually trust an SEO company on the basis of its meta tags and descriptions

  • Look for the Content- Blogs, Article, Press Release and Web Content

Most of the SEO companies in the market claims to have the best team of content writers on-board and you should not fall for them. In order to evaluate the quality of the content, you can check their web content as the sample. Grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, lack of punctuations are just the signs that it is not the right time to invest in such an SEO service provider company. After all quality content is the base of your online marketing and you will not receive the desired ROI until you provide the quality content to the readers.

  • 301 redirects are there?

301 redirect is the point that is overlooked by many while analysing a website. The thing is 301 redirect is the simplest way to find it whether the chosen SEO company worth to make an investment or not. How to do it? Well, all you have to do is check for the redirect to the โ€œwwwโ€ version of the website even if you have not typed in the URL. In case, if you find it not happening then, it is time to look for the next one.

  • Find the ranking position of the SEO firm

It is no surprise that you may have witnessed several SEO companies sending you an email claiming that they are the best in the business but do you actually believe them? How do you know if they are speaking the truth or not? Well, you can check the ranking of the company on the search engine. Just ask them about their target keywords and phrases and typed it down on the search engine. If they are not ranking on the first page then, chances are there that you might not be as well rank. So, this factor can certainly influence your decision.

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