Apps are no doubt become an important tool in our daily life. They make our lives easier by allowing us to stay on the top of the news, events and giving us access to the finest services of our time. With the availability of apps, you can perform any task in a fraction of second as all it takes is a few clicks here and there and BOOM! You have accomplished a task that would normally hours. All thanks to your apps.

In the digitization era, most of the business organisations are inclined to launch their own mobile application by partnering up with the best mobile application development services. As the companies already have appealing and functioning websites, then why do they need a separate application? The thing is website may look appealing but customers are not willing to browse them as every one of them would like to enjoy the seamless experience while booking the tickets from anywhere and website often fail to provide that. Mobile apps available at fingertips makes booking ticket for voyage, movies, and events have become much easier than ever. Well, if you are wondering what it takes to create a ticket booking app, then you will have a comprehensive idea from the below post.

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Scope of the Ticket Booking Application

Scope of the ticket booking application

First; you need to understand what is the scope of the ticket booking application. Once done, you need to understand the aspects that you can include in the ticket booking mobile application. Here are a few examples of what you can add;

  • Ticket booking for sport events
  • Ticket booking for the seminars
  • Ticket booking for musical events
  • Booking passes for events/seminars
  • Ticket booking for the movie

Apps that are dedicated to the booking has actually changed the lives of the people. They can now easily choose the seats, row, and place and book tickets from the comforts of their home.

Features You Should Add in the Booking Application

Features of Ticket Booking App Development

Apart from the pleasing visual appearance, the ticket booking application must have a greater retention rate compared to others. While developing such an application, developers are required to integrate some of the basic features that affect the overall development cost:

  • A mechanism to book tickets for movies, sports events, and concerts.
  • A simplified search option that allows users to search through location, event, and venue.
  • Option to choose from a diverse range of screens right from the single one to multiple halls.
  • Availability to post reviews and read the current one.
  • Watch the list of theater and trailers.

Eventually, the greater the number of features you will add in the application, the higher it will cost to develop it.

The Categorization of the Features

The features of the mobile application can be divided into two main categories, namely;

  • User panel
  • Admin panel

Features of the User Panel

  • User registration
  • Selection of location
  • Log-in form
  • Home screen
  • List of events
  • Details of the events
  • Booking the events
  • Different modes of payment

Features of Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Events management
  • Payment management
  • Profile management

Apart from the mentioned features, developers can also opt. for specific add-ons that include smart search, integrated calendar, Google map integration, etc. We will further discuss the features of the user and admin panel in the next blog. Until then you can visit Qdexi Technology to hire online ticket booking mobile app development experts. Also, get more information on Hybrid application and its future in mobile industry.