Google penalties are one of the biggest nightmares of every webmaster. It the major concern of Search engine optimizers to protect the website from these penalties. It can disable the organic traffic of your website overnight and you wouldn’t be aware of what penalty has been issued to your website. There are multiple factors for which Google can penalize your website. If you are running a website, then you must take help from the professionals for maintaining its SEO. Hiring a local SEO service provider can help you with this task. Qdexi Technology is the right place for those who are looking for a digital marketing agency. This expert SEOs of this company can optimize your website in the search engines so that it can attract organic traffic for your business. When a site gets penalized, there could be many possible reasons for it.

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Two Types of the Penalty by Google

Penalty Type 1: Manual Penalty: The algorithms of Google cannot detect all the violations of the guidelines. Therefore, this manual penalty is used for detecting and identifying the websites that have violated the guidelines of Google. You can use the Google search Console (GSC) for identifying the manual penalties. But there is no need to worry about manual penalties unless you are doing anything shady on the purpose. There are two types of actions that can be taken by Google for penalizing your website on the manual action page:

  1. Sitewide matches: The Sitewide matches affect the entire website
  2. Partial matches: This match is applicable to the individual URL or on a particular action of the website.

Penalty Type 2: Algorithmic Penalty: If you can’t find any manual actions in your penalty, then there are chances that you have been penalized by algorithm penalty of Google. Google is running various algorithms to detect violations and spam. It becomes even more annoying when you do not get any notification or message why your website is being penalized by Google? To recognize the algorithmic penalties, you must check the date when you think the penalty occurred. This can be determined by checking the index issue and a sudden drop in the traffic.

If you regularly monitor your website performance on search engines, this task would become a lot easier for you. You have to identify the time when the penalty hit your website. You can use GA (Google Analytics) or SC. When there is a traffic issue, the Google Analytics is useful or it there is indexing issue, there is the need for SC.

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Understanding Your Penalty: You website can be penalized for multiple reasons. Some of the most common reasons are unnatural Links, duplicate and copied the content, user-generated spam, the Panda Algorithm, irrelevant back linking keyword stuffing, cloaked Images. Therefore, you must try to avoid these things on your website for protecting it from the penalties of Google.

However, if you are looking for some trustworthy source that can help you optimize your website according to the latest algorithms of Google and other search engines, then Qdexi Technology is the best website. The experts of this website can help you increase the conversion rate on your website and your website would be fully protected from Google penalties.