If you are considering giving a new design to your website, then you must be worried about the significant risk that can affect the well-maintained SEO of your website. One wrong move and it can ruin years of dedication and hard work that you have done for completing the SEO of your website. The previous infrastructure, design, content are all going to be swept away in minutes. You might also lose the organic ranking of your website in the search engines. Therefore, it is advisable that you must choose the experienced web designing service provider Company for this task. Qdexi technology is the most trusted website that can provide you sufficient help for giving a new design to your website without risking the SEO of the website.

You must think about the SEO strategy before your next website redesign. There are many factors that you must consider for protecting the SEO of your website. Below mentioned are some of the key methods to preserve the organic ranking while redesigning your website.

  • The marketers must focus on reducing the amount of risk before the launch of the new design of the website.
  • The marketers must prepare themselves with a strong and responsive plan to deal with the threats after launching the new design.

There are Three Major Stages of this:

  1. The planning and designing stage before writing any code.
  2. The development stage, when the new design of the website is being developed.
  3. The post-launch stage, when you have handled the after-effects of the launch of the new design on the website.

What Else You can do to Preserve the SEO of Your Website?

You must focus on preventing the existence of SEO issues in the first place. It can be done only when you involve SEO from the very beginning. The maintenance of SEO for a website starts even before the first word of the code is written. Therefore, you must appoint your SEO team on work from the starting to find SEO solutions. The major parts on which SEO should work on are mentioned below:

  • Redirecting the old URLs to new ones
  • Meta description tags and migration
  • Testing the mobile rendering
  • Fixation of the broken links and unwanted redirects

Comparing and Finding the Gaps: Once you have launched the new design of the website you must compare its performance with the previous one. Whether your website is more or less optimized than before? For determining this you must conduct the audits for the content and the infrastructure of the website. The audit must have details of pre-launch and post-launch. The comparison should be based on the following things:

  • The loading speed of the website
  • Content
  • Structure of the website
  • Conversion rate

The measurement of the impact of the new design: You can measure the impact of using web analytics and rank trackers. It records reliable data for measuring the KPIs. It is also necessary to ensure that web analytical is implemented properly with the newly designed website. The most useful metrics and trends for evaluating post-launch performance are:

  • Organic users by landing page: Not changing URL structure is very beneficial for reducing the performance gap.
  • Organic users by website section: It would help you find problems with design and internal linking that are not working properly.
  • Conversion rate by landing page: This would give you the accurate information of the pages that should be reconsidered.
  • The bounce and exit rate by website section: There might be the indication of usability problems that can be check using bounce and exit rate.

These were the few things on which you must focus before redesigning the website. The experts of Qdexi technology offer you the best website designing services. They use special techniques and strategies so that giving a new design to your website doesn’t affect its SEO. So what are you waiting for, contact us now for more information.