The mobile market has witnessed the utmost growth since the launch of Apple store in 2008 and the journey is not about to stop anytime sooner. Now the market is all set to see explosive growth with 2019. As per the early year predictions, the mobile downloads will soar by more than seven folds by the next five years which will be total around 35 billion sales in the worldwide market. Now a question for you “Where do you and your business stand in this growth?”

Gone are the days when iPhone iPad app development solutions were limited to the reach of large scale organizations with a large number of customers. Nowadays more and more are moving ahead with the trends and having their own mobile application. High-speed internet and availability of the inexpensive but featured filled smartphones have made it mobile application a preferred medium of communication for the customers to reach desired products and services.

Statistics That Represents Importance and Benefit of Mobile App Development for Business

importance of mobile application development

In order to compete and survive, it is necessary for small businesses to recognize the importance of mobile application development services. Recently Apple has decided to relax its restrictions to encourage developers who want to create iOS-based mobile applications to increase transparency and trust. In case if you are still not convinced then, here are some statistics that will surely kill your doubts.

  • Statistics represent that there is more than 45 per cent of Google search that is conducted via mobile apps.
  • Recently, the time people spend on the mobile applications on daily basis has increased by 550 per cent.
  • Three-fourth of the total time people spent on the mobile devices is either spent on one application or another.

There is no doubt that mobile applications are enjoying the popularity, importance and reach along with the growth of the mobile market. The transformation of mobile apps into a hyper-driven business tool has given wings to Android application development services.  Now, it has become crucial for businesses to have a strong mobile presence in the market to augment their reach and revenue.

Emerging Markets are Favoring the Businesses

Market Trends

Increasing mobile market serve as a platform for small and medium-sized businesses who want to spread the word about their products and services among the target audience. Losing such an opportunity can eventually harm your business profit. The mobile market is continuously growing and has reached around 30 billion and the important thing to consider here is that the mobile market is still in its nascent stage with a huge scope of further growth and expansion.

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