If you are working for 3 to 4 months in the SEO field but then, you know what robot.txt mean, right?  If no, then it is never too late to start learning. Robots.txt is the first thing you need to check and optimize while working as an SEO, why? Because a misconfiguration in the robots.txt can leave a long-lasting negative impact on your website traffic and ranking. In this blog post, we will discuss what Robots.txt, why do you actually need it and how to optimize it? So, let’s get started with the blog.

What is Robots.txt?


First thing first: robots.txt is the file that resides in your root directory of a website. Now, you may ask what it actually does. Well, the robots.txt file gives instructions to the search engine crawlers as which page they can crawl and index during the crawling and indexing process. If you have read our previous article, then you must be aware of the fact that during the crawling and indexing process search engine bots visit a website to crawl the pages. The first thing they do is look for the robots.txt file. After checking the content of the file, then creates the list of URLs they can crawl and index of the website.

What Happens If Your Website Doesn’t Have a Robots.txt File?

In case, if your website doesn’t have a robots.txt file then, search engine crawler who will visit your website will automatically assume that all the pages whether they are working or not can be crawled and indexed.

What if My Robots.txt File Format is Not Correct?

robots dot txt format

It depends on the search engine crawlers if they cannot understand the content written in the file. In this case, crawlers will ignore the robots.txt and access the website. You can hire a website development solutions to fix the file format.

What if you accidentally blocked the search engine from accessing the website?

Well, it is a problem. In the beginning, the search engine will stop crawling and indexing your pages and gradually remove your website from the search engine results. So, it is important to change the setting if you don’t wish to vanish from the face of the search engine and it is must suggested that one must apply quality search engine optimization strategies for ranking perspective.

Why do you need a robots.txt file?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to exclude the pages or directories of the website or not, it is important to have a robots.txt.

Reasons to Use Robots.txt.

There are several reasons to use robots.txt for your website and some of them are given below:


  • To submit the sitemap

    The main reason why developers use robots.txt is to allow the search engine to fully crawl a website plus, it can also guide the crawlers toward the XML sitemap so, they can find pages faster than before.

  • To stop search engines reaching specific pages

    Sometimes there are some pages in a website that you don’t want to show to the visitors or don’t want them to appear in search engine results. In such a situation you can use a robots.txt file to block search engine crawlers to crawl and index those pages.

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