We have all heard the conversation while walking down on busy streets, discussions about digitalization, technology or just great UX and poor UI of a product. After hearing such alien terms do you also thought that these are part of a secret language? Yes, many think in that way so, you are not the first one to consider development language as a foreign language. Read the below post to know what these terms mean, which job pays better and how they are related to the website development services.

What did These Terms Mean?

The terms you have heard was actually a part of the discussion between two professionals that work in the tech industry as UX and UI design. Let’s get in detail to understand what these terms mean.

UX designs refer to the User experience design, while on the other hand, UI design stands for user interface design. Both elements are vital for the success of the website but despite the relationship they have with each other their roles are quite different from each other. As both elements are responsible for the different parts of the process and design discipline.

Where UX design is related to the analytical or technical field, UI is more likely to connect with what you say graphics of the website. Let’s take an example to explain the concept. Suppose the product is the human body, where bones represent the codes which provide structure to the body. Here the organs of the body represent the UX design whereas the UI design represents the outer appearance, sense, and reaction of the body.

If you are still confused, then you can hire website designing services to acquire more information.

What do UX Designers Do?

When it comes to comparing UX and UI on the basis of their professions many people often confuse themselves with each other. What UX designers do is analyse the needs and requirements of the customers and design accordingly. They often mix the behaviour of the customers with human psychology to understand what customers would expect while visiting the website.

Most of the UX designers you would meet can predict what a visitor will do while visiting the website for the first time. But don’t confuse the UX developers with market searchers. Here is a small example of what UX developers do:

  • They create a strategy for content placement.
  • They prepare the wireframe and prototyping.
  • The execution of preparation.

So, in short, you can say that user experience is the process to enhance the quality of the website. However, you may need to hire website designing services to increase the user experience of a website.

What UI Designers Do?

Despite being the fact the user interface is one of the most practiced fields it is difficult to answer the question of what UI designers do? There are several interpretations about the role of UI designers but when we dig deeper, we find that UI designers optimize a product for effective and enjoyable use.

In the end, the most obvious appear in mind of the readers that which one is right? The answer Neither of them. The reason is both elements are closely related to each other and in order to create an impressive website design you need to understand both elements closely.