We are moving in around and around covering each aspect of WordPress in details. In the previous blog posts, we have covered up topics like “most popular premium WordPress themes”, “WordPress free and premium plugins” and “Main features o WordPress” that makes it an ideal content management system. In this post, we are about to discuss the fast loading WordPress themes that can boost up the overall speed of the website.

When it comes to choosing a theme for a current or upcoming website the developer looks for numerous aspects. In that long list, one of the most crucial and common aspects is website speed. In this fast pacing world, nobody likes a slow loading website that takes forever to present valuable information to the visitors. This could directly lead toward the poor user experience. Visitors may not want to visit your website in the near future due to the poor experience. This is the main reason why the majority of people hire  website development solutions to make sure their website is fast and can be load within seconds.

In this blog, we have taken one step ahead and tested the top WordPress theme to determine which one works faster than others without compromising with the features. So, without wasting any time let’s get into the details.

Fastest Loading Themes of the WordPress



The reason why Avada is on the top of the list as it is one of the best-selling themes of WordPress. The theme has also gained popularity due to its speed and earned the title of one of the fastest themes WordPress offer until today. Along with the fast loading time, the theme highlights the amazing website design and features. With the latest version 4 and WordPress website development service, the theme has much more to offer now. If you want to have total control over the appearance and speed of the website then, Avada is the one-stop choice.

The below image present the speed of the Avada theme in the Pingdom.

avada theme pingdom


The second WordPress theme on the list is Jannah that is competing with the Avada in term of loading speed. One step ahead- Jannah offer more than 20 demos to help developers to choose the best one for their professional website, blogs or magazine. If you are thinking about including various designs and content on the website then, Jannah could an ideal option for you. Once you have imported your website into one of the demos of the Jannah, you can start customizing the control panel with the help of custom web development service. In the end, if you are searching for a theme that can handle a whole range of designs and content then Jannah is the right option for you.

After testing the demo themes of the Jannah with Pingdom here is the test result:

jannah pingdom


The last but not the least theme on the list is the Bridge. It is the theme that can beat any other them in term of variety. With more than 2000 demos that theme can easily fit into your website requirements. From an e-commerce website/agency to portfolio and travel blogs bridges can be used anywhere.

Again, after testing the demos of Bridge on Pingdom here is the result:

Bridge Pingdom

From the above evaluation, you can easily find the most suitable theme for your website but in case if you are still struggling to choose a reliable WordPress theme then, professionals at the Qdexi Technology can help you out.