In 2019, Google broke the silence by dropping a major algorithm update which is certainly driving some webmasters crazy while for others it is just another day working with Google. As it is not the very first time Google has done something like this, with average 500 to 600 updates on a yearly basis- this side pretty common to many SEO experts in the USA. The continuous shower of algorithm updates leads toward only one question, why Google makes these many changes? Although most of them are minor Google often roll out updates that are major and can affect the search engine ranking in various ways.

Last year, Google reported the 3234 improvements to search which is certainly 8 times of update it has launched back in 2009. On an average basis, Google used to launch 9 updates per day. Now when you see how the search engine evolved over time, is it possible to keep the track of all of these updates? At least we can try to find out.

The Brief History of Algorithm Updates

When we peek into the collected data, we find ourselves back in 2010 when the Matts Cutts revealed that “On an average basis, Google tends to roll down around 400 to 500 changes per year”. Although it wasn’t the exact numbers, expert digital marketing solution providers tracked down dozens of algorithm change on the platform. The concept of introducing one update per month is eye-opening.

Later the Google decided to launch the identical data through the online feature known as “How search work” but unfortunately they could be accessed only through the internet archives. Here is the screenshot of the feature: –

Here you need to note down that Google uses the terms “launches” and improvements” interchangeably. The above diagram allows us to have a little peek into Google’s perception of how search work.

Are There Really Around 9 Updates in a Day?

As many of the aspirant SEO wants to know whether there were really minimum 9 Google updates in a single day? Actually, there were around 8.86 – the answer is not satisfactory and may seem like a joke. Even the Matts Cutts said the something really important in 2009 which got lost in the midst of time. What he said was, “We might batch up and roll out to a meeting every week where we discuss around 10 to 12 things that we want to launch but they need to get approved to roll out”. From this statement, it is easy to conclude that there are surely around many updates in 2009.

Do All of the Algorithm Update Matters?

NO! not all the algorithms matter as many of them are minor and are not specifically related to the SEO. They can be new features, UI changes or something else. As SERPs begin to evolve further new elements are added. For example; the local SEO has witnessed the significant changes in the past 2 to 3 years. So, you can actually expect to see the possible changes in the entire algorithm updates.

A lot of changes depends on the beholder. For instance; Google rolled out an update to handle misspelled words in Korean. So, for USA experts, this update is not going to be even actionable. However, if you are a Korean and ranking for the misspelled keywords, then this will be a huge update for you.

Ultimately, the above post will help you to see the evolution of the algorithm update and find out how much does it affects you. Moreover, if you are still having difficulty, then visit Qdexi technology to hire digital marketing service at an affordable price.

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