Personalization is quickly becoming a great deal for marketers and this is for a good reason. According to a study, adding personalization to an eCommerce experience can increase sales by 7.8% within a very short time period. The online retailers who are monitoring personalization efforts have witnessed an increase in sales by 19% worldwide. Personalization is important to success, still, many marketers struggle to use personalized content, and real-time experiences. For personalization, many businesses use professional eCommerce development service in USA.

Best Communication Methods

To provide personalization, brands should look at methods they can safely and accurately collect data. It means being more sensitive in the manner the consumers wish to be contacted. Personalization through the selected channels of consumers can see better results and create brand trust.

Almost 51% of customers say the best way to contact them for brands is through emails. It is a positive outcome for marketers and many reports that email remains the top channel to drive ROI and traffic. Social media is one more popular communication channel and almost 25% of consumers say that this is the best way to contact them for a brand. It suggests that tying social media campaigns and email marketing can give you the best results and helps consumers to believe the brand.

The other brand communication methods for consumers are phone calls (2%) and mobile push notifications (3%), which shows that brands must enable consumers to get engaged with them whenever they want to instead of forcing communication.

Create a Personalized Homepage

Homepages open the door to online stores. The potential customers are already there and thus you should greet them in the best possible way. Unlike offline shops, online shops can know visitors closely. Personalization of your homepage is just a simple trick and it helps the customers to find easily their way. Visitors can concentrate on the category that they are interested in and they can shop without distractions. This means a better shopping experience and greater conversions.

Marketing Tactics Used by Consumers

In marketing tactics, the strategies that consumers find useful instead of creepy, are the discounts they want to be delivered through emails are mostly sought after. The other popular methods are promoting brands and products that consumers like, reminding the products left on the cart, and suggesting products depending on their earlier purchases. Frequent shoppers find these kinds of personalization 25% more helpful than non-frequent shoppers. These findings reveal that consumers want the brands to know them better such as what they want and when they want. Personalization offers an easier, cheaper, and smoother shopping experience.

To see the best results, marketers should make sure the tactics they use are not invasive but helpful. Show the brand understands the customers. This will result in a better ROI. Hiring the best WooCommerce Development Service Provider can help you attain personalization.

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