Facebook has announced new features and changes to Facebook Live. It will offer you many ways to share, discover, and interact with live video. This social networking platform shall broadcast up to 4 hours and even constantly in a few cases. You can view live streams in a full-screen, hide comments and reactions, and restrict who sees the broadcast. Facebook Live has live reactions that enable viewers in expressing their reactions or feelings in real-time. The reactions are similar to those that are available on the News Feed. They appear as well as disappear in the same manner. Have you been considering a running social campaign? The Social Media Optimization Service offered by professionals of Qdexi Technology can help you reach there. Let’s learn more about Facebook Live Update.

Changes To Facebook Live That Marketers Should Know

Live Streaming for 4 hours: Since the time, Facebook Live was launched, live streams were restricted to 90 minutes. However, Facebook is doubling it. For users, broadcasting is restricted to four hours when broadcaster through the Facebook App or Live API.

Full-Screen Live: One major change that is targeted more towards viewers is that they can watch broadcasts in a full-screen mode instead of a square that was prevalent over several months. Though Android users need to wait sometime for a full-screen view, iOS users shall be able to enjoy this feature instantly. This full-screen shall work for portrait and landscape viewing.

Hide Comments and Reactions: If you do not want to see reactions and comments when you are watching or broadcasting then you can hide them. Facebook Live allows you both in video-only mode. You have to swipe right and hide reactions and comments. To bring them you have to swipe left. Theoretically, it shall minimize distractions and shall keep the viewers focused on the matter broadcaster.

Continuous Live: Continuous Live video though added a few months back, this one completely slipped off from the mind of many marketers. Great uses of continuous life are live feeds of museums, aquariums, and zoos. Your followers shall not receive any notification about you being live. After you have completed the broadcasting, it will go forever. Your followers need to watch when it is live. There is no reliving or rewinding.

Facebook expands Messenger Rooms and virtual backgrounds: Together with live video updates, Facebook has introduced many new tools for enhancing Messenger including AR effects such as mood lighting, bunny ears, and AI-powered backgrounds. One of the biggest updates is Messenger Rooms. It is an option that can set up meetings or hangouts across all apps of Facebook. Presently, messenger can allow 6 video chat participants at one time, however, the Messenger Rooms shall hold almost 50 people without any time limit.

Geogating: Geogating or new audience restrictions were added to Live API as constant streaming. You can exclude or target people by location, age, and gender.

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