With the availability of new development programs like Python, Hadoop, Swift, Java, C++, Ruby, etc. in this online world HTML5 is still the most popular buzzword. With its intensifying browse support, we believe this framework is not going anywhere soon. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced programmer, to perform well you always need to stay updated with its latest feature while maintaining the existing or previous features. As per the conducted survey, there are around 8.6% worldwide websites that use HTML5 development services for their websites.

Now coming to the main topic we are going to discuss in this blog post which is the best resources to learn HTML5. Gone are the days when an individual had to spend hours reading numerous book to get to learn a programming language. Nowadays the internet has made everything easier than before. Now students can gain knowledge in programming languages through an online tutorial, video, and forums while minimising the overall efforts. Here is a list of the best resources that will help you to learn HTML5 Development.

Resources from Where You Can Learn HTML5


If you search on the Google for top resources for HTML5 then, you will find hundreds of results to learn the language. No matter how tempting it may look to go through all of the sites, it could be overwhelming to choose the best option for yourself. If you go one by one then it will take a lot of time to choose the best place to start from. To reduce the hassle and save both time and money we have prepared a list of top resources.

Blogs and Websites from Where You Can Learn HTML5

When I first searched from where to start learning the language I have come across the thousands of results including an online tutorial, web guides and videos. From all these results I have handpicked the best blogs and websites that can help you to learn HTML5 and its related applications like RIA development service. So let’s start the journey.

HTML5 development services

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It is one the best resources for Beginners who don’t have any idea about the HTML5 and starting from the very scratch. It has impressive tutorials along with the example and practical you can do by yourself. If you want to learn from the very basic then this is the right stop for all your needs. You can learn about the elements of the HTML5 like tags, graphics, images and more by simply following the steps shown in the tutorials.


If you are one of those people looking for the solid start in a short period of time then HTML5-Tutorial is the best way to start with. Through this resource, you will get the basic understanding of the HTML and how to build a website along with editing and debugging codes.


Developers who are seeking a way to implement HTML5 in a website and carry out their research and development process with the HTML5-Rocks. It is an amazing platform to get all the required information to implement HTML5 in websites and apps.

In case if going through all of the above tutorials feel too tiring for you then you can easily hire web development service. All you have to do is contact Qdexi Technology and share your development needs and requirement as they have a team of professional developers who are always ready to help regarding web 2.0 design and development too. For more information visit the website.