Many developers and development companies consider various tools and techniques to develop the best Magento framework based website and can upgrade the developed website. Magento is an open-source platform for an e-Commerce website. But it requires some other basic tools for the development of the website. With the availability of multiple tools, it gets difficult for the developer to choose the right one for developing the eCommerce sites or according to the customers’ requirements. Before choosing the right company that avails the Magento development serviceone needs to know about the basic features or tools needed to fulfill the development process. In this blog, you will find the best and most common tools considered for building the Magento based website.

Tools Used For Building Magento -Based Platform: 

  1. PHP: The PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6 are available in Magento by default. With the development of the new technologies and new features, now it supports PHP 7. It is used to simplify the coding procedure of the development process.    This programming language entails various opportunities to developers to develop a quality website.
  2. MySQL: It is an open-source database. Developers utilize MySQL with other CMS framework but now it can serve its purpose even for Magento2 based websites. It offers developers to save their time and money with the help of it.  It is quite popular among the developer for developing a self- accessed or business website.
  3. HTML5: The display and structure of the front-end component are managed by markup language HTML5. With the use of it, the developers can make versatile use of it with the new upgraded features. It helps developers to design the document that can be displayed on the web browser.
  4. CSS3: For the theme core, the Magento utilizes CSS and LESS and neglects Bootstrap for its better performance. The LESS processor or PHP adapter contributes to its role in the Magento Platform.  It is quite same as the HTML, as it also concerns on the formatting of the document uploaded on the website.
  5. JQuery: It is installed by default in magento2, and offers a good speed with the new features to make the Magento platform functional for the long time. The java script library of it creates the interaction between the HTML  coded languages in improve its capacity and performance.
  6. Apache: For the magento2 the Apache 2.2x and 2.4x are required and the selection of suitable software for the project development would be beneficial for both the client and the developer to avoid last time changes.
  7. Nginx: Developers can make use of this software for the development of the website. it acts as a converse proxy server for different protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP, and POP3. The speed of the platform can be increased by concerning this software. Moreover, it maintains the functionality of the website by providing HTTP cache.

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