Although SEO is a time-consuming process but in the end it totally worth as it delivers the best results. A good SEO strategy includes aspects of both on- page and off-page SEO. Nonetheless, as per the recent studies, there is a wide range of websites who are not aware of or facing trouble with the technical SEO. Working in the digital marketing, you must be aware of the fact that no website can run without a strong backbone and technical SEO is that backbone. Without technical seo services online your website will fall apart faster than you may think.

Definition of the Technical SEO Service

The technical SEO describes the efforts of the webmaster to make sure their business website is compatible with the Google updates or guidelines and could be indexed for the specific SEO keywords.

After the reading the above definition of the technical SEO the first thing that might strike in your mind what makes it a buzzword? Or why is more important than ever? Well, continue reading the following post to find the answers.

To understand the importance of the technical SEO let’s take an example. Imagine after spending hours and even days you have finally complete writing an amazing blog or article that will just change the people’s perception toward your business. Everyone is eagerly waiting to read it and finally, the day has come when you are going to publish it. Now readers who were eagerly waiting for the content click on the link and boom! They find out that it is taking an eternity to open up.

In the previous blog, we have mentioned that web pages that take longer than 10 seconds tend to lose half of its viewers and have a higher bounce rate. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if your website is not functioning then you will definitely lose precious traffic.

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Most Important Aspects of the Technical SEO Services Online

  • The mobile-friendly future :

    The mobile-devices is everywhere every 4 out of 5 people carry cell phones today. In fact, most of the people act like mobile-devices are the oxygen they cannot live without. The Google has recognised the increasing mobile trend and is trying to adopt this. In 2015 the Google has implemented the mobile-related algorithm commonly known as “mobilegeddon”.

    It was just the beginning as Google has introduced mobile-friendly indexing on November 4, 2016. To make sure your website is ready for this change. The best way to do this to design and develop a dynamic website. If you own the separate websites for the desktop and mobile viewers then make sure your mobile version have the quality content, page titles, Proper text-format and high-quality pictures.

  • Speed is crucial for the success :

    Another important factor of the technical SEO is the speed. No matter whether you are running your website on the desktop or the mobile you have to make it fast. Because if the Google find out that people are leaving your website within the 5 seconds then it will push you back to the third or fourth page. Online webmaster tools like Webpagetest can give you an idea of how fast your website is.

  • Focus on the site-errors :

    For viewers, nothing is more frustrating than slow speed and site errors. In the above paragraph, we have talked about slow speed now let’s focus on the site errors. The site errors could be seen in form of broken links, missing pages, 404 errors, irrelevant redirects, etc. You can hire search engine optimization services online from Qdexi Technology to fix it and save overall time and money.

  • Deal with 404 error :

    The 404 error shows that the page is no available. After witnessing the 404 error the next thing a viewer will do is move to the next possible page.

  • 301 and 302 redirect :

    The 301 redirect is a permanent shift to a new page and on the 302 redirect provide the temporary shift to a page. In case if you still face issues with the technical SEO then Qdexi Technology is here to help you out.