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A Few Coding Tips Required for Working with The Zend Framework

For development purposes, every framework has certain rules to write certain codes. These limitations are for the completion of the code. Writing codes and following certain guidelines will bring the desired output.  The indentation must be proper and should be kept at four spaces.  It will allow developers to make a cleaner file. Underscores are never used in the function name for example, the myfunction()  but one should not use my function().  Even one can start with the variable name…

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Pros & Cons of Zend Framework

Evaluation of Zend Framework On the Basis of Advantages and Disadvantages

While considering the benefits are necessary, it is also important to evaluate the PHP-based framework on the basis of advantages, disadvantages and other crucial things enterprises should know about the Zend development services. From the past few years, organizations have started to move toward the PHP systems to develop websites and create applications. Zend framework often known as ZF brought some of the drastic changes in the PHP development world. Right opposite to the traditional development approach, Zend allows developers…

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Zend framework for web development

Enchanting Reasons To Use Zend Framework for Website Development

Zend framework has taken the PHP development world by storm. Zend often known as ZF has brought some amazing changes in the web development which made it land on the top of the list of popular frameworks. When it comes to creative feature filled advance websites and web applications, the majority of the development experts goes with the Zend development service. So, if you have not decided which framework you should use for your website then, it is better to…

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