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Custom Front End vs Vertically Integrated

2 Routes to an API-Led PWA: Custom vs. Vertically Integrated

When it comes to delivering progressive web apps (PWA) there are three fundamental approaches depending on the architecture of your business organization. Although commerce-led and experience-led are considered by many while delivering PWA, API-led is the one that stays on the top of the list. What is the so-called reason behind this? The API-led PWA comes as a foremost option because it separates customer-facing experience from the backend business logic that enhances agility and opens the doors of opportunities for…

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Web Developer Must Know About HTTP

HTTP: Everything a Web Developer Must Know

Ever heard about HTTP? Well, it stands for the hyper transfer protocol. It is a stateless application layer protocol that serves as a basic foundation for the modern web. Every web developer must have a strong understanding of the HTTP. Let’s find out more about the HTTP with web development service. Looking For a Quick Solution? Before moving further with the blog post if you are looking for a reliable web development company to resolve the HTTP error in the…

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Steps To Disable Comments On WordPress

Easy Step By Step Process to Disable Posted Comments on WordPress

In the SEO sector, comments hold a special importance. They can be used to enhance a post in many ways and if used correctly they can turn a monologue into the discussion and build community. Beside this comments can be used to give a minor but countable boost to the written blog post. As you read in the previous during the situation when Google remove the post experts, comments on various Q & A pages to generate organic traffic. So,…

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Amazing Ways to Improve Your Website Usability

Usability is a major concept of website designing which often get overlooked by the designers. The usability should be considered as a priority while designing an e-commerce or any other basic websites. The website designer who is providing website designing services should make usability a part of their website software and development process. The role of usability doesn’t end it with the creation of the website. After launching a website regular usability test must be conducted to make the necessary…

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How Enterprise App Can Help To Streamline Your Business

The mobile applications are growing rapidly in the market. Due to this enterprise or industrial applications are frequently used in these days. Unlike other application, enterprise applications are the big one, data-centric and accessible to deliver the possible results to the enterprise. With the right enterprise portal web development services, you can make the best out of your enterprise application in term of positive results and business growth.  Based on the customer demand and need of your business you can plan…

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Web Development Solutions

WordPress Free Plugin Vs Premium Plugin: What To Choose And Why?

If you have ever searched for an article on search engines platforms like Yahoo, Google, and Firefox then there is a fair chance that you’ve come across a WordPress blog. The WordPress is an open source tool for blog creation, website creation, CMS and more. It offers a wide range of website plugins including both free and the premium one. In case if you are new to WordPress then you must be confused between free and premium WordPress plugins. But…

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