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Web Design Trends

Compelling Web Design Trends for 2019

Blog design serves as a bridge between the form and functionality. It is logical to say that emerging technology has a huge influence over the new trends be it; electronic systems, browser programs, web design or programming libraries available in the market. To fulfill the recent aspiration of web designs, graphic designers are going beyond expectations, influencing the core principles of web design. Merged with the technology, these web designs has created a real turning point in the world of…

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Online Strategies to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Engagement

Most of the companies think that they can generate efficient leads and sales by just owning and running a business website. Well, sorry to break it up to them, it is not this easy. The popularly of the website depends on the bounce rate. Rather than taking your bounce rate as a failure, you should take it as a challenge. Now, once you have suited up to tackle this challenge the next scenario that comes up is how would you…

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