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Custom Front End vs Vertically Integrated

2 Routes to an API-Led PWA: Custom vs. Vertically Integrated

When it comes to delivering progressive web apps (PWA) there are three fundamental approaches depending on the architecture of your business organization. Although commerce-led and experience-led are considered by many while delivering PWA, API-led is the one that stays on the top of the list. What is the so-called reason behind this? The API-led PWA comes as a foremost option because it separates customer-facing experience from the backend business logic that enhances agility and opens the doors of opportunities for…

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Mobile Web vs Mobile App

Mobile Web Development vs. Mobile App Development: Which is Better Option?

Thinking about moving ahead with the time and technology and establish the mobile presence but don’t know what to choose between mobile website development and mobile application development service? If yes then, you are at the right post. Both mobile website and application may look very similar but in reality, they are different from each other. It depends on the number of business factors including the budget, intended purpose, target audience, and other factors. To make the right choice, it…

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Skills to become an iOS developer

Basic Skills You Need To Become an iOS Developer

Skills are necessary to perform a task with thy utmost perfection. There are so many people who want to pursue their career in the mobile app development but when it comes to the skills, they fail to come up with the skills that required to become a professional web developer. According to the survey, the job opportunities for the web app developers are going to increase by 20 per cent in the next 5 to 10 years. So, it is…

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