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Web - 2.0 design - development

A Definitive Guide to Understand Web 2.0 and Advantages of Using It

If we talk about web 2.0, it is simply the improved version of the World Wide Web. The major context of Web 2.0 is to improve the methods of information sharing. We can say that the concept of web 2.0 is highly focused on the web-oriented architecture, social web, and rich web applications. This technology has completely revolutionized the way web pages are designed and accessed by web visitors. It also has new functionality and features that were not present…

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Responsive web design and trends

Responsive Web Design: No Longer A Trend But Necessity

Can you imagine the last time you have opened a website which was non-adjustable according to the screen of the mobile devices? If so, you probably did one of two things. First: You tried to zoom in and out the page to find the information you are looking for. Or Second: You just left the side and click on the second website on search engine result. This proof the phase that a mobile-friendly website is a user-friendly website. Statistics indicate…

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Mobile Web vs Mobile App

Mobile Web Development vs. Mobile App Development: Which is Better Option?

Thinking about moving ahead with the time and technology and establish the mobile presence but don’t know what to choose between mobile website development and mobile application development service? If yes then, you are at the right post. Both mobile website and application may look very similar but in reality, they are different from each other. It depends on the number of business factors including the budget, intended purpose, target audience, and other factors. To make the right choice, it…

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4 Tools to Simplify Web Designing and Development Tasks

4 Amazing Tools to Simplify Web Designing and Developing Tasks

In this digital era, the scope of responsive web designing and developing is increasing day by day as more and more enterprises are coming forward to create an effective online identity. This ongoing demand has played an important role in the rise of the new web design trends. One of the most appealing aspects of the web designs is responsive web design that certainly offers a number of benefits to the customers. In fact, responsive website design and development has…

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