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The Most Effective SEO Strategy That You Must Adopt Before Redesign Your Website

If you are considering giving a new design to your website, then you must be worried about the significant risk that can affect the well-maintained SEO of your website. One wrong move and it can ruin years of dedication and hard work that you have done for completing the SEO of your website. The previous infrastructure, design, content are all going to be swept away in minutes. You might also lose the organic ranking of your website in the search…

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Website traffic Drop

What Are The Reasons Behind Decreasing Traffic In Your Website?

There is nothing more painful than watching your hard earned traffic to go into veins. This is surely not a positive sign that is welcomed by the marketers. It has been that People often blame Google algorithm updates for the decline in their website traffic but it is not always the case. Beside algorithm updates, there are so many other reasons that can cause an instant decline in traffic. Here are some top yet common reasons behind the drop in…

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