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Understanding the Role of Breadcrumbs Navigation in SEO

The breadcrumbs play a vital role in the good and SEO friendly website. These are the links that enables the user to navigate their path from the page which they are currently witnessing to the home page of your website. The breadcrumbs are a useful navigation tool for both web designers and SEO experts. It is an essential ingredient of the SEO strategy. The breadcrumbs are utilized by the Google bots for a better understanding of the website hierarchy. It…

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Steps to Optimize the ‘Near Me’ Searches To Rank Higher In Google

When you are running a business online you always want to reach your customer immediately. This makes it crucial for the businesses to optimize their website in search engine result pages. A good SEO practice can bring a huge amount of significant traffic to your website. Most of the time people ignore the local search optimization in their SEO campaigns. The “near me” searches are an essential part of local search optimization that no one should ignore. You must have…

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