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Best Steps to Increase the Domain Authority of the Website

Domain Authority (DA) is one of the most influential SEO metrics at present. This metric was developed by the Moz. The Moz metrics calculate the domain authority of the website on the basis of website search engine ranking potential. It majorly dependant on the backlinks engaged with your site. When you have a strong DA of the website you would more likely to get higher ranking on SERPs. This would ultimately result in better web traffic. You can easily measure…

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Importance of Content in Search Engine Optimization

What is An Ideal Limit of the Content for Search Engine Optimization?

There are many variables that should be considered while deciding an appropriate length of the blog on your website. Most of the time content marketer wonders what is an ideal word count for blogs and articles that can help your website to rank on page 1. The raking factor is not only based on the word count of the content of your website. It is true that content plays a crucial role for every business website. There is no need…

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seo for zero click search

How to do SEO for The Zero-Click Searches

It is safe to declare that the Phenomenon of zero-click searchers is growing rapidly. Nowadays, you may have noticed that nobody is actually paying attention to the terms like “how to”, “ways to find” or “How to find x, y, z”. What is the primary reason behind this change? This is because the search engine features like a paid advertisement, media elements, snippets, and PPC has taken over the top positions on the first page. So, what professional SEO experts…

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role of internal links in SEO

What is the Role of Internal Links in SEO?

We all are aware of the fact that SEO is all about understand your website, content and your potential customers. Before going in deep you need to understand the factors that affect the traffic and visibility. You need to understand in order to understand the search engine optimization you have to start from the internal linking. Qdexi Technology offers the best SEO service in the USA that can help you to generate quality internal links. The internal linking is not a…

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