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Top-Joomla Development Extension in 2019

Best Joomla Development Extensions that is Necessary for Every Site in 2019

Joomla is the open source platform that is used to create websites and applications. It is known as a content management system (CMS) which connects your website with various databases like MySQLi, MSQL, etc.  So that it becomes easier to manage and deliver the content on both the sites of manager and visitors. Joomla is the most popular open source solution that allows you to build a dynamic website for numerous purposes. It utilized by so many recognized brands.  Joomla…

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Effect of Responsive Web Designs and Development on Website SEO

How Responsive Web Design and Development Affects Your SEO Ranking

We live in an era of technology and digitization where everything is moving to the mobile-first index. The main reason behind this growth is the addiction to smartphones and tablets. As you can already figure out from the numbers and statistics the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Now, the responsive website development is no longer an additional component for your website but a necessary aspect of your SEO efforts, regardless of the business industry. Why Does Your Business…

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Mobile Web vs Mobile App

Mobile Web Development vs. Mobile App Development: Which is Better Option?

Thinking about moving ahead with the time and technology and establish the mobile presence but don’t know what to choose between mobile website development and mobile application development service? If yes then, you are at the right post. Both mobile website and application may look very similar but in reality, they are different from each other. It depends on the number of business factors including the budget, intended purpose, target audience, and other factors. To make the right choice, it…

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The Best Resources to Learn HTML5 Development

With the availability of new development programs like Python, Hadoop, Swift, Java, C++, Ruby, etc. in this online world HTML5 is still the most popular buzzword. With its intensifying browse support, we believe this framework is not going anywhere soon. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced programmer, to perform well you always need to stay updated with its latest feature while maintaining the existing or previous features. As per the conducted survey, there are around…

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