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How to SEO E Commerce Category Pages

How to SEO E-Commerce Category Pages

According to the new statistic, around 79 per cent US consumers shopped online in 2017. This number indicates that the e-commerce market is booming day by day. So, why your website is not getting enough traffic and clicks?  I think it is time to implement new and effective SEO techniques to optimize your e-commerce category pages. Understand SEO of E-Commerce Category Pages The category is a part of your site navigation menu which allow visitors to search and filter for…

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Importance of SEO-Keyword Research And Marketing

What Makes SEO, Marketing And Keyword Research So Important

Working in digital marketing for such a long time have you ever wonder what makes SEO, marketing and keywords research are important? Well, I certainly did. We all aware of the fact that it is crucial to invest in these services to get reach maximum clients and get higher ranking on the search engine but do we really know what makes them so important? It is time to find out that. Search engine organization is a set of various marketing…

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