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Competitor PPC Strategies Analysis

Key Things That Worth Analysing in Competitor’s PPC Strategies

Investing in the PPC campaign is an important yet tough decision that can make or break your online business. No! It is not about scaring you but makes you learn how you can use competitive research to make thing a lot easier for you. In the last blog, we have discussed about the SEMrush which is an online competitive intelligence suite, mostly used by online marketers to analyse the online marketing strategies of their competitors. When it comes to PPC…

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Website traffic Drop

What Are The Reasons Behind Decreasing Traffic In Your Website?

There is nothing more painful than watching your hard earned traffic to go into veins. This is surely not a positive sign that is welcomed by the marketers. It has been that People often blame Google algorithm updates for the decline in their website traffic but it is not always the case. Beside algorithm updates, there are so many other reasons that can cause an instant decline in traffic. Here are some top yet common reasons behind the drop in…

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