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Understand Website Visitor Engagement

How to Understand Website Visitor Engagement with Web Analytics?

What was the last time when you work on web portal development? How was the experience? Was it great? Have you faced any difficulties while understanding visitors’ behavior? Of course, you did but the good news is you are not the only victim here. There are numbers of barriers digital marketing experts face while understanding visitors’ behaviour as shown in the website analytics. Usually, there are two types of website metrics namely, Visitor count Visitor engagement Visitor Count and Visitor…

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How to Advertise Your Law Firm with the Fixed Budget?

In today’s world, every business is implanting modern-day marketing tactics to increase their profit margin except the Law firm. Now, why law firm? Well, most of the law firms work with the tight budget and could spare the so-called ultimate budget on the marketing strategies and team. But still, they understand the necessity to get their name out in a competitive market. There was a time when having a perfect set of skills and experience was more than enough to…

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