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Steps To Disable Comments On WordPress

Easy Step By Step Process to Disable Posted Comments on WordPress

In the SEO sector, comments hold a special importance. They can be used to enhance a post in many ways and if used correctly they can turn a monologue into the discussion and build community. Beside this comments can be used to give a minor but countable boost to the written blog post. As you read in the previous during the situation when Google remove the post experts, comments on various Q & A pages to generate organic traffic. So,…

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Laravel Vs Symfony Framework: Which One Is The Best?

Today, before starting a new development project, it is crucial to choose an ideal framework. Nowadays, it is hard to build complex web applications in a specific time without one. Is it Laravel Vs Symfony Framework? However, there are many frameworks are available but no one has the potential to match the capabilities of PHP framework. There are around 78.9% of global websites run on the PHP framework so, you can surely say that PHP is one of the most…

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