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How to make website voice search friendly

How to Make Your Website Voice Search-Friendly?

Marketing experts have predicted that by 2020, 50% of the online search will be done via voice search. So, here is the question, are you capable to survive through this huge change? Not only voice search is gaining popularity as a digital marketing trend for 2019 but the costumers’ purchase trends for smart speakers and voice controlled device are also rising. Currently, voice search has crossed the threshold of early adaptors and gaining mileage with each passing moment. Users have…

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seo agencies vs seo consultants

How SEO Consultants are Different from SEO Agencies?

Search Engine Optimization is not only about the search engines but it is also important for maintaining good SEO practice for the experience of the user and the usability of the website. Search engine plays a crucial role in increasing the value and visibility of your website on the internet. The search engine optimization is responsible for bringing significant traffic to your website. It is considered as a complete framework. Therefore, it is important to maintain the SEO of your…

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