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Custom Website Development vs Ready Made Platforms

Why Custom Web Development More Popular Than the Ready-Made Platforms?

Web Development looks easier but actually, it is not. We are living in a world of modern technology where every minute you can observe a lot of changes. Web Development is a process where developers create web pages to place into the web. Though it looks complex from far place, yet developers can make it effortlessly without any issues. Web development services for business is essentially required so that better results can be shown on the sales register. Web designing…

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Learn How to Create Bulk Posts and Pages in WordPress

If you are in the middle of the process of building large websites on the WordPress then, the available plugins can actually save lots of time and money especially when it comes to creating the bulk posts and web pages. Now, the question is how would you do it? Majority of the WordPress development service providers use the “BulkPress plugin” to create multiple posts, web pages and other content types. Beginners who have never worked on the WordPress websites may…

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Steps To Disable Comments On WordPress

Easy Step By Step Process to Disable Posted Comments on WordPress

In the SEO sector, comments hold a special importance. They can be used to enhance a post in many ways and if used correctly they can turn a monologue into the discussion and build community. Beside this comments can be used to give a minor but countable boost to the written blog post. As you read in the previous during the situation when Google remove the post experts, comments on various Q & A pages to generate organic traffic. So,…

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