Just like any other thing in this universe, there is also a formula to create the viral content.  Although, you can always hire content writing services from top companies. Leaving that topic behind, it often is seen that most of the viral content is written on the latest trends or picked up by sheer randomness. Well, you will be amazed to know that there is a set of principles replicate time to time to increase the content gaining traction, reader engagement and shares.

You may read various blog post repeating the same advice like being inspirational, amusing, and connective and go with the latest trends. Although, all these are somehow true when it comes to writing part producers want more specific and genuine guidelines.

Step by Step Guide to Write Viral Content Including Both Blogs And Articles




  • Identify your target customers before starting 

    Before settling down to write something for your campaign follow ones simple rule: Determine the top places where you can post or share your content. Then make sure the places you have chosen have lots of potential readers who will positively respond to your post. After this choose a topic which should be specific and something your audience will surely appreciate and engage with.  Like if you want to write on winter products you can find a generic topic around it.

    Many writers makes a mistake here by writing on the topic that interests them rather than thinking about their audience who are going to read it. So, now you know it just tries to avoid it.

  • Find out where your customers live

    Before settling and writing on a specific topic, it is necessary to find out where your customer lives. Here we are not talking about the location but specific groups or categories they prefer while looking for a blog or article to read. Writers often believe that if they succeed to write quality content they can get lots of customers which is breathtakingly not true. Let’s suppose you wrote a perfect content which is also sentimental and moving but how are you going to get enough reads if you have not shared it with the audience? Well, the tip is you have to do some keyword search before writing down the content on them.

  • Involve your audience in the entire process

    Are you going to write a blog post on “top 5 places to visit in your city?” to write on this topic, you can take help from the audience including their quotes and comments. This way they will feel more connective with your content. Plus, if you quote someone they are more likely to share the content with others. For further information, you can read more articles on content writing tools and strategies.

  • Write with the engaging pictures

    Here you can go with “a picture says a thousand words”. When you add quality pictures to your blog or articles it increases the customer engagement. So, it is good to let your pictures tell the story before the audience even read your blog or article. You can go for the personalized images if you don’t have any then find funny or historic images, size it correctly and make sure it is not copied.

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