Website Development is a complete procedure. There are many phases of website development. The website is the brand ambassador of your industry. It highlights the spotlight on your trade to grow. We offer all the genuine and operating ways for you to get a boost in your website by providing the website development service.

The Phases of the Website and Development Process

Data Collecting-This is the most significant part of website design and growth. The primary phase of website development is collecting data i.e analyzing client’s needs and requirements also known as “Discovery point”. In this phase, the designer depicts the client’s idea into the paper. Qdexi Technology always provides quality website development services to its esteemed clients.
“Good website is the consequence of good preparation” is what we believe in. After the data gathering what comes is planning. Planning is nothing but ordering tasks for website conclusion. In this phase, we grow the sitemap of the website that is industrialized. Here, we choose the menus, contents, and directional system for the website. To get website development service for the immense growth in your site you just have to visit the website of Qdexi Technology.


This is the imaginative stage of website design. This is the phase where the designer put their heart and mind into it. Also, communication plays the main role here. The designer needs to comprehend every feature of the client anticipation and try to sketch it. From logo design, to choosing patterns everything is discovered in this stage. The website development service offered by the developers of Qdexi is unique and standardized.


After scheming, there is a growth phase also known as the ‘executing phase’. Now, this is the stage where your real website starts its execution. The development phase is also a very vital phase for website designing. Here, we mix all the information that we had collected from the first phases. Making Database, logic and actual programming is completed here. It’s not easy to get the best website development service provider, but we made it simple for you with the help of our experts.

Analysis and Delivery

After the Growth phase, there is an Analysis and Discovery Phase. The testing is completed by QA, also accountable for making the test cases. The following are the kinds of website testing

  • Content Testing
  • Useful Testing
  • Design Analysis

After the above website analysis, we upload the files to the server – in most cases, this also includes connecting and arranging WordPress, along with a core set of vital plugins to help improve the site.


The last stage is Maintenance, in this phase, the maintenance of the website is done for a limited period only. Maintenance means informing the contents and design of the website. The maintenance facility delivered for the limited time provided by the company but if the user wants to spread the service they have to are charged extra for it. For getting the best web development service in India you only have to hire a web developer from Qdexi.

Features of Qdexi Technology

Qdexi Technology specializes in web development and web designing processes through its skilled developers and designers. They always deliver a quality website to the clients according to their requirements.