The social media users have started to grow along with the smartphone users around the world. The social media marketing plays a vital role in ROI that support the objective goals of a business organization. Therefore, it is important that your social media marketing team must focus on the right social media platform to generate sales leads. The Facebook and Twitter are two major social media platforms with maximum daily users. Now it could be quite difficult to compare these two platforms to decide which one is the best for social media optimization services.

Both Facebook fans and Twitter followers matter when it comes to evaluating the online popularity of the business organization. With the tight budget, it could be difficult to invest in both of the social media marketing platforms.

Facebook Vs Twitter


According to the recent Forrester studies, in the near future, Twitter followers will be more valuables than Facebook fans. While you cannot specifically quantify both Facebook fans and Twitter followers with absolute value, the study result has shown that unlike Facebook fans, Twitter followers are more likely to buy the brands they like and more likely recommend it to their friends and family. These two factors are the pillars social media marketing is built upon.

Yet Facebook provides unparalleled advertising opportunities for brands. Along with 550 million daily users worldwide, the Facebook is known to be a powerhouse platform where content can be shared among friends. There is no place neither online and offline web where people can share their brand experience as quickly as Facebook. In addition, Facebook allows your business to customize separate brand pages, contests, and fan pages to attract audience attention. The story doesn’t end here with Facebook you can create a list of your private customers and use it to find similar customers. This unique feature makes it one of the most important parts of social media marketing services.   

Difference Between Fans and Followers

fans and followers

While both Facebook and Twitter are the well-recognised social platforms and the one important distinction between them is “pull” vs “push” factor. On one hand, Facebook is more likely to go with Push marketing by providing attractive incentives and rewards to the customers. For example; – let’s imagine you have created a video game and now you are going to launch it in the market. Your marketing team built a Facebook fan page and offer some cash rewards to increase users. Although this one time push can definitely increase the potential fans, if you pay attention toward the dark side, they can degrade the value of the brand since the offer is valid until the launch of the brand.

The Twitter, on the other hand, uses pull medium to promote the brand. Through the platform, followers can initiate the conversation regarding their experience with the brand. While this kind of conversation often starts with negative comments it helps the brand to get engage with potential customers to resolve the problem and build brand loyalty. Perhaps a successful social media strategy is not only about finding out the value of Facebook fans Vs Twitter followers, but it is also about how effectively you can reach out to your audience and convert them into potential customers.

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