Content is vital for every website. Imagine, making all your efforts to create high-quality content for your website and some other website is waiting to hunt it down. Nothing could be more irritating than watching all your efforts go in vain. The content is possibly one of the most valuable elements on the website; therefore, it has to be all unique and informative. The content scraping has become the biggest problem these days and everyone is dealing with it. The website owners hire content writing services to write create good quality content. But the content scraping ruins it all. In the following blog, we would share some of the smartest ways to prevent your website content for scraping. Before we move further let’s discuss the meaning of content scraping first.

What Is Content Scraping?

The content scraping is the automated method that drives data from multiple websites. The scrapers do not manually copy the content from the website. Instead, they use various plugins and coding scripts that instantly copy them all. Later, these plugins create similar content within a few minutes. The scripts extract content from the various sources and merge them together for an individual website. The content scraping also includes gathering links, titles and Meta descriptions with the content. The copy and republishing of the exact same content is called plagiarism.

Proficient Tips That Can Help You Protect Your Content from Scraping

  • Adding links: Creating as many links as possible within the content of your website can save it from the scrappers. This would make it easier for you to protect your content. When someone would try to copy your content they would have to keep the links intact. You can also add the links to the keywords as it would make it more engaging for the users. There is a plugin called Yoast SEO that enables you to customize your HTML codes to your RSS feed. It can be helpful you add links to your website. It is best to hire the content marketing services for accurately adding the links to your content.
  • Google Alerts: This is one of the most useful Google tools. By leveraging this tool you would get notified as soon as a particular keyword gets indexed on Google. This tool can be utilized for content scrapping as well. While publishing the content you can set up an alert for a similar title. This would give you alerts about the post that contains the same title as of yours. It also allows you to set alert for some particular sentences in your post.
  • Use external tools: There are many external tools available that can protect you from content scrapers. Some of the important tools are listed below:
  • Copyscape: This is one of the best tools that allow you to find the websites that are copying your content. For this you just have to simply put the URL of the website and this tool would present all the sources that are utilizing your content.
  • Anti-feed scraper message: This is the WordPress plugin that generates the message. The message contains the original publication date, name of the author and the website’s name. If the copy of the content appears on other websites then the message would also get copied with it.

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