Are you thinking about creating a web page but don’t know where to begin with? If you want to start from the basic then, you can follow the tutorial to write your first web page in HTML. In this post, we will also discuss what is HTML? And how you can use it to create your first web page? If you want, you can also acquire professional website designing experts for business websites to skip the hassle. But right before you do that it is important to learn:

What is the HTML?


The term HTML stands for the “HyperText Markup Language” which refers to a way of presenting information on your web page in browsers. There is one more thing to add here, the HTML isn’t itself programming but the mark-up language. Unlike [programming languages like Java and PHP HTML don’t use things like logic and conditions to control the web content but HTML still an important language.  After all, it makes up every single website that is running on the web.

How to Create an HTML Web Page?


Step 1: Open the text editor

The first thing you need to do to create an HTML web page is to open a text editor. On the window computer, you can use Notepad, Notepad++ whereas Mac users can go for the TextEdit.

Step 2: Set up your document for HTML

As you can view in the above image, after opening the notepad type in <!DOCTYPE html> and press the enter key then, again type <html> and press enter again. Once done, type <head> and enter as shown in the above picture.

Step 3: Add another tab for the web page title

You may need to add the tab for the page title as it is something that will appear on the browser for instance: Facebook. For the web page title write <title> write your web page title and write </title>. To close the code, you need to add the head tag which is <head>. In the end, it should look like this:

Step 4: Start with the body of the page

Type <head> right below the “head” tag. This indicates that the rest of the page will be the body part until you close it with the “body” tag.

Step 5: create the page heading

The first thing you need to add in the body part is the page heading which will appear on the top of the website. To create the page heading, you can type <h1> add the desired page heading and close it with the </h1>. Here is the example of the page heading:

create the page heading

Step 6: Add the paragraph

The paragraph tags can be used to create different blocks of the text. In order to place the text paragraph, you need to type <p> and write your text and then, close it with the </p>. For instance:

<p>This is my paragraph.</p>

Step 7: change the color of the text

While writing text, you can change the color of the text by typing the <font color=”color”>…</font> tags. Make sure you write “color” in the section. For instance; if you won’t turn your paragraph text into red then, write the following instructions:

<p><font color=”red”>Whales are majestic creatures.</font></p>

You can also make your page content appear in the bold, italic and underlining.

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