It is quite evident that businesses are gradually becoming aware that they have to use a mobile strategy. The number of mobile users has surpassed desktop users. Due to this, companies are thinking to implement mobile strategies. Many people argue that businesses do not require mobile apps. On the other hand, many hold the opinion that mobile apps provide benefits that websites cannot give. If you go a little deep, there are many factors that you have to consider before choosing any one option. There are pros and cons to both mobile applications and mobile websites.

It is more helpful if you consider how both can work together and not choosing one over the other.

Mobile Websites versus Mobile Apps

A website can be compared to a mobile app in the following ways:

  • Websites are less expensive than apps
  • Websites work on all devices
  • Websites are easier to link as well as share

Mobile websites are easier for people to locate when they search online. If you look from a business perspective then a website is very problematic to update and create. You do not require different versions for Android and iOS. App stores improve their search functionality constantly so that apps are discovered easily but the app stores are not accessible like the web. The websites give a better chance to the smaller companies to be noticed than mobile apps

Mobile websites’ creation takes less time and is cheaper compared to creating apps. But, apps can offer you unique business benefits that you cannot receive from mobile websites.

Mobile Apps versus Mobile Websites

Mobile apps for businesses can enhance marketing reach and offer unique channels to attract new customers and engage existing customers.

  • Apps can attract new customers
  • Apps provide a unique experience to customers
  • Apps can take advantage of both tablet and phone hardware

Mobile websites are a good way to begin a relationship with customers but apps can make the relationships deep. Mobile apps provide unique options through which you can engage with existing customers and provide them personalized experiences.

Customized user experiences begin with features that are native to tablets and phones. Websites can deliver unique experiences but they cannot track user behavior like apps. Websites cannot take advantage of features including push notifications and geo location.

Which One is a Better Option?

When you have to decide between a mobile website and a mobile app, the choice depends on the business objectives. When your objective is providing mobile-friendly content to many people, then mobile websites are a good option. If you want to interact with, communicate, and engage better with customers then mobile apps are a good choice. If you do both correctly then it can be a valuable choice for your business.

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