SMM and SEO are like two faces of the same coin. You cannot adopt one face without accepting the other one and even if you did so, it isn’t worth it. Compared to other channels of search engine marketing, social media can benefit search engine strategies in numerous ways.

Nowadays, SEO cannot be done with having the presence of the effective and engaging content curation and here comes the role of social media marketing (SMM). You can take SMM as the key that allows you to unlock the untapped potentials. Hence, SEO and SMM is the combination of marketing service every business organization want to take advantage of. But the question is how exactly SEO and SMM can work together to improve the traffic on your website? Working in the search engine optimization agency for such a long time I have two major things:

  • SMM focuses on user engagement and doesn’t influence site ranking.
  • SEO is not effective without social media marketing channels.

In the below, I will explain how SMM affects user engagement but also affect the visibility of your website. I will further explain how SMM responds to the SERO and indirectly influence website ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The post will also highlight how SMM effects SEO more than you actually think. So, without discussing any further gossips on social media optimization solution let’s get started.

How Effectively SMM Blogs Impact User Engagement

SMM blogs impact user engagement

It has been analysed that SMM blogs outperform SEO blogs when it comes to bringing traffic to the website. It is no surprise that SMM blogs will perform better after all SMM blogs know how to build engagement and attract relative communities on the channel and later turn them into potential customers.

After examining the insights of the social media channels like Facebook and Twitter it is clear that visitors are more likely to like, comment and share rather than clicking and opening the link. In order to earn the desired number of visitors from the social media sources, you are required to keep an eagle eye on not only general posts that attract readers but also encourage them to click on them. If you work with the objective of driving organic traffic to the website then, you need to focus upon writing attractive titles and engaging tweets.

In the end, with social media marketing experts, you can not only increase user engagement but also make a positive impact on traffic.

How Effectively SEO Blogs Perform in Organic Search Results

impact of seo blogs on organic traffic

As mentioned earlier SEO can bring the drastic change in the traffic as well as the ranking of the website. Compared to SMM blogs, SEO blogs more likely to receive referral traffic. Plus, SEO must have a strong backlink profile with the number of quality links. After analyzing the performance of the SEO blogs, it could be declared that Social media marketing actually plays a crucial role by getting your content seen. The more you will promote your content on the social media channels the better traffic you will receive.

At the end of the post, it is quite logical to assume that blogs focused on social media channels receives more traffic that SEO blogs. The high level of traffic and backlinks from the SMM allow SEO to perform better on the search engine platforms. For further confusion regarding SEO service provider company, you can also visit Qdexi Technology.