We all aware of the fact that every coin has two faces. Similarly, the SEO has also two faces one is good and other is bad and today we are going to discuss the bad part. Bad SEO is not something new as we have already seen the bad SEO in form of black hat that can get your website penalized from the Google. As a conclusion, bad SEO can actually damage your website reputation along with the website ranking. There is no doubt that SEO has gone through extreme changes over the years and constantly changing Google algorithms has a huge role in the evolution. While the majority of the powerful SEO techniques are still related to the core concepts of digital marketing, some have quite drastically changed over time.

Although it is true that organic SEO takes some time to generate desired results but traffic marketers would receive from them will be genuine and continue for the long-term. Still, there are some people who want instant results on their website. In the greed of instant traffic and conversion, many of these marketers often use bad SEO to improve their search visibility, brand awareness and performance. Not only these SEO techniques are ineffective but are potentially dangerous for your website ranking.

Search Engine Strategies That Are Extremely Harmful to Your Website


  • Keyword abuse

There are several marketers who still fail to understand the role of keywords in the search engine optimization techniques and how they should be used to catch the attention of the visitors. Let’s take a look at the type of keyword abuse that is done by marketers including keyword stuffing, irrelevant keyword targeting, and keyword density.

  • Keyword stuffing

This is one of the known trick majority of the online marketers use in day to day published content. SEO doesn’t revolve around the keywords only, therefore, stuffing keywords are not going to help to rank higher on the search engine.

  • Irrelevant keyword targeting

All too often, marketers try to squeeze their content and message in the same paragraph. Which often result as putting irrelevant keywords in content that cause brands to lose the attention of the visitors before even having the chance to engage them. Don’t mislead the user and try to direct them in the right direction.

  • Keyword density

Google is no longer depending on the keyword density to ensure whether the web page is an effective source to answer the query of the searchers or not. It has become much more advanced than crawling for some random keywords while keywords are the important elements of the SEO practices for business websites for driving traffic on website, they are not the lifeline for ranking on search engine.

  • Article marketing and article directories

Thinking about taking an attempt to control the system? Well, this is not going to work in the world of SEO. Especially when you are using tactics to make a noticeable improvement in the brand, its website and other properties. We are aware that article directories work well for a long term. In the earliest form of digital marketing, article syndication was an easy to grab fruit but the Panda (Google algorithm) in 2011 has changed it for all.

That’s all for today. We will further continue this topic in the next blog. Until then, stay tuned to Qdexi Technology.