Enterprise portals have become a basic necessity for companies. These are the big ones, completely data-centric, and convenient to deliver the best possible results to the companies. The continuous growth in the usage of enterprise applications by all sizes of organizations has made it imperative for companies to hire enterprise portal development services. These portals are driving companies towards digitization to strengthen and streamline their business process. Enterprise portals are enhancing productivity and meeting all the standards. The companies are considering their business requirements and customer demand to develop a robust enterprise application for yielding profitable results.

Why Enterprise Portal Development is Necessary?

These portals not only enhance customer engagement but also boost customer satisfaction and productivity that allows them to defeat competitors. There are many platforms available that can be used for enterprise portal development. Out of all of them, Liferay has been gaining a lot of attention. This was built to provide immersive digital experiences.

With Liferay as the base of the enterprise portal, the companies are now able to gain more favorable and loyal customers. The companies are now able to streamline their business processes and conquer all the challenges appearing with them. Dealing with digital touchpoints using accurate data inputs has become easier than ever. Liferay empowered enterprise portals making businesses more agile as employees can seamlessly manage the customer lifecycle across different business channels.

Advantages of Using Liferay for Enterprise Portal Development

Flexible Architecture

The use of Liferay opens scope for transformation with entire adaptation to digital transformation. This has the ability to reuse elements and provides space for easy integration with existing systems. It is one of the reasons why Liferay is known as the comprehensive platform for excellent digital experience.


It is very simple to eliminate and double the particular portlets in Liferay. The web developers have the option to eliminate selective portlets from performance into various Java Virtual Machines (JVMs). Hence, this delivers great flexibility to infrastructure. This functionality of Liferay is called portlet sandboxing.

Simple UI

Simple UI (User Interface) of Liferay is very easy-to-use for all kind of users. Liferay has the capability to blend all enterprise systems in a single and manageable UI. This even clarifies external, internal, and channel-based web development. In a way, businesses can implement an easeful workflow.  Hence we can conclude that enterprises will ultimately be able to enhance productivity. You can hire Web Development Company to utilize the power of Liferay.

Complete Solution for Enterprise Portal

Liferay offers various touch-points to fulfill constant digital experiences. It’s adaptability to bring multiple solutions for websites, Intranet, portals, etc. makes it an ideal option for businesses. Your business will be nurtured and expand with time. Moreover, by hiring the website development services from the professionals you can simply integrate your portal with various technologies such as .NET, C+, PHP, and Java. If you think there is the unavailability of any element, then Liferay provides you with multiple options for the development of custom plugins. This can be done by using Liferay developers and its large community.

Multi-Audience Reach

Liferay is not only developed for the customers but the important stakeholders such as managers, community holders, partners, and other people associated with the business can have access to it. It facilitates collaboration, sharing, and supporting communication easily. It is one of the foremost reasons why Liferay is considered the best platform for the development of an enterprise portal for businesses.

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