As one of the popular content management systems Joomla has is now a top priority for creating powerful websites and online applications. Do you know that currently more than 2 million active websites on the Internet are powered by Joomla?

With these numbers, you can conclude that Joomla offers unhindered access for the secure development of the business websites. But no matter what you do there is always a little presence of risk.

If you are also facing security problems then you must hire Joomla development services from professionals to deal with it. Moreover, today we would share some of the ultimate tips that can help you maintain the security of your Joomla website. Let’s move on to that and learn a little bit about this CMS.

Best Practices to Secure the Joomla Website

  • Start with security: In order to protect your Joomla website, you must give preference to the security. You should run regular security scans on your website. The hosting packages often come with antivirus. It includes using elements like unique, intrusion detection system, non-default password, and multi-factor authentication, etc. You can secure your website with these elements.
  • Keep your platform up to date: Like any other content management system, Joomla should be kept up-to-date. It helps in maintaining security. This gives you access to the new features and by keeping it updated to the latest versions you can simply address the vulnerabilities.
  • Rewrite your URLs: The URLs can improve the rankings of your website in the search engine result pages. It provides ultimate benefits to the security of the website. There are numerous extensions available that can be used to generate the search engine friendly URLs. Some of these are paid while others are available for free. These don’t appear in the hacker’s advanced Google searches.
  • Take Encryption certificate: There is an open certificate authority (CA) named “Let’s Encrypt” it grants SSL certificates for free. This was created by the Internet Security Research Group and at present, it is currently working over 20 million websites currently using its SSL certificates. There are numerous other certificate authorities and they even provide free options. It stops the exchange of unencrypted information among website visitors. You can hire a professional web designing and development company for this.
  • Take Backups: The backups are considered very useful for every website. It keeps your data secure and private. This one is considered one of the quickest ways to restore your data. You can also remove unwanted and unsecured extensions from your website to improve its functionality.
  • Use strong passwords: The passwords work like a shield to protect your website. You must use strong passwords to protect your website from hackers and security threats. Most of the time people do not pay enough attention to the username and password. In order to keep your website safe, you must create long passwords that are difficult to guess.

Last Words

These are the basic security considerations for the Joomla website. If you have do not have an in-depth understanding of this then you should always reach out to the experts. Qdexi technology is the leading web development service provider company with a team of experienced Joomla developers. With the help of these professionals, you can easily maintain the security of your website. So, stop waiting and contact them today!