The entrepreneurs who are running their business through e-commerce website put their utmost efforts to improve the performance of their online store. There are many different platforms available for the development of an e-commerce website. Magento is one of the most common platforms these days for the development of e-commerce websites and applications. Most of the businesses prefer Magento because it provides robust functionality and highly customizable features. The Magento is highly scalable which means that there would be no need to switch it to the different platform later.

However, if you require expert assistance for making any kind of decision-related to your e-business then Qdexi Technology is the best option available for you. The expert consultants of this company can provide you best e-business solutions according to your requirements. However, in this post, we would tell you about some ways through which you can easily power up the performance of your Magento store. Using accelerated mobile pages technology is one way through which you can boost sales and user engagement on your Magento store. But first, it is important to understand the meaning of AMP and how it can be beneficial for your website.

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages? Why You Should Implement It To Your Magento E-Store?

We all are aware of the fact that the number of mobile phone users is consistently rising. This means that your website pages should load faster on mobile devices. Accelerated mobile pages can be utilized here. The AMP is highly being used in the e-commerce websites for improving the loading speed of its pages. It removes the unnecessary codes that cause degradation in the functionality of the pages. So, here are the key reasons why you should implement Magento AMP extensions.

The implementation of accelerated mobile pages is not that difficult. The integration of AMP in Magento website not only improves its speed but it also improves its online visibility in search engine result pages. The AMP uses a simplified form of HTML structure which allows your static content to load quickly. The AMP extensions are highly in demand because it automatically adds rich snippets to the Magento pages.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Accelerated Mobile Pages In Magento Website?

  • Helps you create AMP pages easily: It allows you to generate Google AMP pages for various categories on your website and CMS pages.
  • Speed up the mobile page load: One of the major reasons for using AMP is that it reduces the bounce rates. It gives a great experience to the users by speeding up the load time of pages.
  • Increases the business revenue – It is the well-known fact that people prefer using the website which loads faster. The Magento AMP also manages the loading time of advertisements. This engages more and more customers with your website. It enhances the user experience which ultimately results in the high conversion rate.

These are some of the key reasons why you should consider integrating the pages of your e-store with Amp. Moreover, if you are thinking about developing a Magento e-commerce website, then you can avail Magento development services from Qdexi Technology. This company offers the best services for the development of e-commerce website and applications. You can completely rely on them for this task. So do not wait and hire them today.