Ever thought why Google has suspended your local listing? Not sure what happened here? Well, it is time to find out. We all know that Google a long list of things you should not do, a list you have never taken seriously and I wonder if you ever read the whole list. Before getting to the root of the suspension there are some important facts that revolve around the suspensions and SEO services.

Google Will Never Tell You About the Suspension

Google Suspended Your Local Listing

Do you know that Google will never or rarely tell you that they have suspended your Google listing? Business owners always want to know what caused their business listing to get suspended but Google being Google doesn’t want to help rule breakers.

Yes, it is true the Google suspension have two types the first type is known as soft suspension and the second one is a hard suspension. What is the difference among them? The soft suspension appears when you log in your business listing and see the suspended label. However, your business listing will also show up on the Google maps.

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The second type of Google suspension is known as hard suspension and unlike the soft suspension, this one is pretty serious. It means your entire listing has been removed from the Google including everything from your photos, reviews and any necessary aspect of listing. You may need the best SEO service provider to fix this issue. Now, when you have learned this let’s go back to the main topic.

Reasons Why Google has Suspended Your Business Listing

google suspension for local listing

  • Your listing contains the forwarding link

    If you have spent enough time in the industry then, there is a chance you have already deal with listing issues. Google has previously announced that SEO experts cannot use a URL in the Google My Business that is forwarded to another domain or landing page. As per the guidelines “Google do not accept phone numbers or URL that redirect viewers into a landing page”. Companies who fail to follow this guideline often get the soft suspension.

  • Addition of extra keywords in the business name field

    The addition of extra keywords in the listing can be another reason behind the suspension of your local listing. According to the Google guideline adding additional or unnecessary information in your business name like marketing taglines, store codes, phone numbers, website URLs, product or service information, an address is not permitted in any condition. In the result, users will get the soft suspension as business is eligible to stay on the Google maps but has a different name.

  • You have created the listing for your online business without having a physical storefront

    The very first rule to be eligible business is they should make an in-person contact with the customers. The rule is not applicable to the online business instead they are supposed to create a G+ brand. They do not go for the local page which means they won’t appear on the Google Map.

    So, if you are running an online business and do not have a physical storefront but still you have created listing then Google will remove the entire listing as a hard suspension.

The mentioned suspensions are just an example if you want to know more about Google suspensions or hire search engine optimization service then visit Qdexi Technology today!