Working in the digital marketing we all know how important it is for a website to keep ranking in the search engines. People use several digital marketing strategies to get the higher ranking. During this, we all realize that Google tries to provide the best suitable result for the user. To maintain the quality of the result the Google updates its algorithm from time to time. As an SEO expert, you must know with each algorithm update your website could be penalised. This means you have to pay close attention to your work or hire professional seo services in USA to avoid any mistake that can get your website penalized. To understand the penalty concept you have to understand what actually it is.

What is Google Penalty?

Google has been updating its ranking algorithm since December 2000. At the time the Google introduced toolbar extensive to make the SEO industry as we know it today. Over the past decades, the Google continued to bring new updates to refine the quality of search results and eliminate the poor content to make sure only quality content show on the top of the SERP. That’s where the penalty part came into the view

With the introduction of the Penguin algorithm in 2012, the Google had changed the meaning of search engine optimization overnight, totally wiped out some websites from the search engines forcing the optimizer to sit back and take a good look at the quality of the content. Since the search engine optimization experts start paying attention to the Google algorithm updates.

How Would You Know if Your Website Got Penalized?

  • So, in the above paragraph we have discussed the penalty but how would you actually recognise that Google has penalised your website? First of all, you need to know that the penalty could be either automatic or manual. The difference between them? With the manual penalty you will probably be informed but if it’s due to the algorithm then you may not know that your website has been targeted. Here are some clues that will help you to know if the Google has penalised you.
  • Your website ranking will start falling down and if you think that you don’t rank much all the time then it should at least rank on one keyword
  • The ranking of your keywords has gone down straight from 1 or 2 to above 500+ without any action from your end.
  • You entire website has been removed from the Google search results overnight.

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Why Google has Penalised Your Website

Through the years of experience and deep research, SEO consultants have uncovered reasons why your website got penalised.

  • You are buying bad links

There is no doubt that backlinks are the backbone of the search engine optimization services in USA. However, in order to get the higher ranking, people buy links. Even if the company think that they have not brought any bad links but the result is mixed. In case you are regularly buying the bad links then you can end up with the penalty. So one can get to know about importance of backlinks.

  • Duplicate content

This one is obvious for all: any duplicate content on the website can make is useless for the Google and could result in form of the Penalty. To avoid this make sure every content on your website is unique and well-written and hire quality content writing services for your business website.

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  • Overuse of H1 tags

The H1 tag can help you to rank on the search engines but the excessive H1 tag can get you penalised by the Google.

  • Internal 404 error

The 404 error inside your website is a fire signal for you. The Google always look for those websites you can deliver the quality search results and 404 is just doing the opposite.

In case if you got penalised then do not get panic. Just sit back for a while and contact Qdexi Technology to deal with it.