Zend framework has taken the PHP development world by storm. Zend often known as ZF has brought some amazing changes in the web development which made it land on the top of the list of popular frameworks. When it comes to creative feature filled advance websites and web applications, the majority of the development experts goes with the Zend development service. So, if you have not decided which framework you should use for your website then, it is better to believe in the experts and choose the Zend framework.

What Makes Zend An Ideal PHP Framework?

Zend An Ideal PHP Framework

The framework is highly trusted by various corporations such as Web Ex, Cisco and BNP Paribas. But maybe these names are not enough to make you trust on the Zend right? After all, you also want to know the reasons why these popular corporations trust the Zend. The thing is Zend is not only limited to the development of the website and web applications but this framework is also capable of boosting them up. The framework features the event manager, modular approach, service manager, and PHP composer that allow it to boost your business by robusting web applications. But if you are still not convinced then, you can read on to find why you should use Zend framework for websites.

Top Features of the Zend Framework?


Zend framework is made of professional PHP packages and this is the main reason why many developers consider it. Believing on the experts, Zend Framework is like a revolutionary development. Today, the framework is used by thousands no possibly millions of developers across the globe to create interactive and powerful websites and applications. There are several features that make Zend a unique and powerful framework.

  • It has extended classes like never before

Whether you starting with a new project or making changes in the current one, Zend framework is ideal for both situations. It is a fully object-oriented framework that is utilised most of the object-oriented concepts such as interference and inheritance. This makes framework components to extendable. The developers can take advantage of this feature to implement their own variations in each component without hacking into the codebase. Further, Zend allows you to create functionalities which is unique to your project.

  • Goodness of object-orientation

As mentioned above, Zend is an object-oriented framework which means while working in the framework everything needs to be used as an object. The only disadvantage is it actually makes the codes more complicated. However, it makes codes reusable so, the developers do not have to write the same codes again and again.

  • The framework solely focus on what you need

If you get in details, you will see that the Zend framework is the collection of classes and based on the PHP MVC pattern. In most of the cases, you can use Zend MVC components with the PHP MVC development service to create fully functional Zend projects. The thing is Zend is decoupled which means you can take advantage of the individual libraries to achieve what you need.

The Conclusion You Need

There are several changes that have been introduced to PHP development in recent years. There are frameworks like Codeigniter, Yii, CakePHP, and Laravel which are also good and can be used. It is up to you what you want to choose. In case if you face any difficulty then, visit Qdexi Technology for the instant expert advice.